Kick-start your green career with Statkraft’s international trainee programme. 
We have a diverse range of positions to explore within the renewable energy sector. 你准备好开始你的旅程了吗?



We have asked some of our trainees what they like the most 关于节目, what makes it unique and how they experienced their journey so far.





Our programme is a turbo-charged launchpad for your professional development. 通过实践项目, 你将很快建立起一套多才多艺的技能, 提高你解决问题的能力, 沟通, 以及领导能力. 每次轮换都会带来新的挑战和成长.


Dive headfirst into a dynamic environment where you will experience multiple facets of Statkraft. 每次轮岗都会让你沉浸在不同的部门中, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of our business: Gain invaluable insights that will shape your future career.


Your journey goes beyond acquiring knowledge - it’s about building meaningful connections. Collaborate with a diverse group of fellow graduates with unique perspectives and experiences. 建立友谊, 建立持久的职业关系, and establish a robust network that will fuel your future success.


mg线上电子游戏理解你的职业抱负可能会发生变化. That’s why we offer flexibility and freedom to explore different areas of our organization. Discover your true passion and chart a course that aligns with your ambitions. The power is in your hands, and we’re here to support your growth in whichever direction you choose.


16个月. 3个不同的轮岗经历. 1 .绝好的机会.

Statkraft's trainee programme is a unique entry point into the world of renewables. 在你做实习生的时候, you will work on some of the toughest challenges within the energy sector, 与业内一些最聪明的人合作, be offered world-class development and learning opportunities and be part of an exclusive network of ambitious young talents from across the world. mg线上电子游戏引起你的注意了吗?



如果你对可再生能源的未来感到好奇, will finish your degree by next summer and are passionate about the green energy transition – we want to hear from you!

This year we are offering trainee positions across a variety of business areas including finance, 策略, 工程, 信息技术, 贸易或在mg线上电子游戏公司的员工区. Have a look at our openings and apply to the position that best suits your experience or raises your interest the most.





作为实习生,你将了解mg线上电子游戏的组织, different business areas and our 策略 – to be part of the climate solution. 学员 are an important part of our company`s culture and we see this programme as both an opportunity to provide exciting and relevant careers to young people and challenge our own ways of thinking. All this by hearing new ideas and ways of tackling the climate`s biggest challenges. 


  • 为期16个月的课程,包括三次轮调.
  • Opportunity to experience different roles and placements across the whole organization.
  • One of three rotation placements will be in another Statkraft location.
  • 有竞争力的薪酬和福利.
  • 为所有学员量身定制专业及社交课程.
  • Guaranteed permanent employment upon completion of the programme.


培训生项目的申请截止日期已经截止. If you missed it, stay tuned for more exciting trainee positions coming up in autumn 2024!